Weather Tracker

Product summary

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Data collected by the Weather Tracker is valuable for microclimate work, experiments, fieldwork or in the outdoor classroom for datalogging and environmental projects in Geography, Science, ICT, PE, Maths or PSHE.

The Weather Tracker records:
Wind speed Wind chill Pressure
Temperature Heat Index Humidity
Altitude Dew point Wet bulb

Either take a ‘snapshot’ of all the weather readings at any time, or set up the Weather Tracker to automatically record data at intervals of your choice.

Use the purpose-built software to link the Weather Tracker to your PC. Place it in the handy cradle, then connect the device to the USB or serial port on your computer with the cable provided. You can view the data in graphs on the screen then download it ready for Excel.

The Weather Tracker has been fully tested under all conditions and has been subjected to impact, water submersion and extreme temperature tests.