Weather Reporter software

The Weather Reporter Reader

The Weather Reporter software has two modules (i.e. two separate programs). The Reader module and the Viewer module.

The Reader runs in the background to:
  1. Collect data from the Weather Reporter mast.
  2. Transfer weather data to any network station.
  3. Allow weather data to be saved automatically on disk or uploaded to your web site or intranet.
  4. Allow graph screens saved by the Viewer to be automatically uploaded onto a web site or intranet.

The Weather Reporter Viewer

Use the Viewer on any network station to: Reporter Software 1
  1. See 'live' current weather (Weather Now screen, right) updated every 7 seconds.
  2. See hourly and daily weather graphs ’live’ or from previously saved data.
  3. Save the Weather Now screen at intervals of your choice.
  4. Save Hourly or Daily data for spreadsheets.
  5. Print out the weather data.

Reporter Software 5

Daily weather data graph (right)

Reporter Software 3

Hourly weather data graph (left)

The modules are designed to run on an MS Windows network and come with a full site licence.