AEGIS Viewer and upgrades

AEGIS Viewer

The AEGIS Viewer is a free plug-in that allows users to open an AEGIS worksheet, display data on maps and search for spatial data.

When you have downloaded the Viewer you can install it as a single user program. The Viewer comes with some sample worksheets and you can use others on these page. You may also find the ‘Getting started’ help sheet useful.

The Viewer (Windows PC only) does not allow you to edit maps or data, create your own worksheets, print, save or copy, but the full range of mapping and searching tools is available. The welcome page has links to sample worksheets, including some from the GOAD module.
Click here to Download the AEGIS Viewer (zipped file)

AEGIS upgrades
AEGIS 3 version 2.0 for Windows XP (March 2007)

The upgrade to version 2.0 is free to download or costs £20 for an installation disk for network upgrade.
Click here to Download the AEGIS 3 v2.0 (zipped file)

Email to order AEGIS 3 v2.0 on disk for £20.

AEGIS 3 version 2.0a (June 2011)

This is the current version of AEGIS for Windows 7 and will also work with earlier versions of Windows. This version costs £50 to upgrade.

Email to order AEGIS 3 v2.0a for £50.

Heinemann ICT Activities in Geography Pack

This package was published with an earlier version of AEGIS (v.1.2) but will still run effectively with later version of AEGIS.