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Use these files in the AEGIS Viewer if you do not have the full program.

AEGIS worksheets and resources

Sport Relief AED LOGO

An AEGIS 3 worksheet for a lesson using World Development data to explore Sport Relief issues.

Rio Murder Mystery ZIP LOGO

This contains the Rio Murder Mystery worksheets, images and lesson plan from Helen Young, St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School in Bristol. It has pictures of scenes in Rio and is very easy to use.

Helen says, It's a murder mystery about street children in Rio de Janeiro. We used it during our schoolís annual Year 8 Brazil Conference and it worked extremely well. Iíve included the extension plan and the extension activity too.


These materials are suitable for Key Stage 4 work on Industry in Japan and contain an AEGIS worksheet with pupil's activities and a lesson plan. Thanks again to Helen Young in Bristol for sharing them!


This example worksheet has instructions for linking waypoint data from a hand-held GPS and digital pictures to a georeferenced map.

Street Crime ZIP LOGO

When Noel Jenkins was Head of Geography at Hampstead School, he carried out a local street crime survey using AEGIS 3 to map the results. Download the AEGIS worksheet and other resources. Link to the Secondary Extras page on the Geographical Association website for more information. The lesson plans and resources for Year 7 pupils in geographical enquiry are available here.

Asylum Seekers in Europe ZIP LOGO

A sample AEGIS file with asylum seekers data and a map of the new EU area. Download more data for the this map from the EU Statistics link on the worksheet.

Age Structure in the London Boroughs ZIP LOGO

This worksheet has a vector map of the London Boroughs and a table with Census 2001 data on Age Structure taken from the National Statistics web site. You can download other tables of data from the National Statistics site to display on this map.

Plotting Earthquake activity ZIP LOGO

This worksheet shows the interpretation of latitude and longitude on a world map that has these lines at right angles, e.g. on a Mercator projection. NB You will need the later versions of AEGIS 3 (v 1.4 and above) to use this file.

Links to other sites with AEGIS resources

World development

Noel Jenkins has a good introduction to AEGIS 3 using World Development data that comes with the AEGIS program. Go here for a World development lesson. There is also a starter activity on Development Indicators and a student's work.

Geographygeek Resources New icon

Helen Young has some new AEGIS resources on her website. Go to to look for good ideas on using AEGIS for fieldwork and for worksheets on France, Brazil and other countries.

Other AEGIS resources

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