AEGIS Project Book

Success with AEGIS - advanced kit

AEGIS Project Book and CD-ROM.
The pack builds on the basic skills in the Nine GIS lessons pack and introduces more advanced GIS techniques.

You will need the AEGIS program to use the examples and create your own worksheets.

There are 10 projects explained in the book with examples on CD including guidance and help sheets on making your own AEGIS worksheets.

    The projects are:
  • Microclimate around the school.
  • Preparing a regional map and data for Brazil (or other countries).
  • Exploring work development and adding new data to the map.
  • Creating a flowline map to show sphere of influence.
  • Interpreting the landscape by adding photos and captions to hotspots.
  • Using map layers to show changes on London’s Olympic 2012 site and creating your own.
  • Adding and displaying urban land use on Goad plans and OS MasterMaps.
  • Mapping detailed census data from the ONS web site.
  • Creating a flow line map from traffic survey data.
  • Using a GPS to locate sites on a georeferenced map.
    The Project Book has:
  • 10 worked examples explained.
  • Easy to follow ‘How to do it’ sheets.
  • Project ideas and were to find digital maps.
    The CD has:
  • 10 AEGIS example files.
  • Help sheets.
  • Ideas for preparing 60 AEGIS projects.
  • Advanced GIS skills table.