OS MasterMap module for AEGIS

Versatile large scale mapping

The OS MasterMap module is included in AEGIS from 2013

OS MasterMap

The Advisory Unit can supply OS MasterMaps for your locality and fieldwork areas free with this AEGIS module

OS MasterMaps are the largest scale vector maps produced by the Ordnance Survey and are the ‘gold standard’ by which other maps are judged. This module helps teachers and learners get the most from them.

OS MasterMap: urban landuse

The maps are made from numerous layers (vector layers) all representing features of the built and natural environment. By attaching data to individual layers users can easily make maps of urban or rural land use with no additional map drawing!

OS MasterMap: traffic surveys
MasterMap4 Traffic surveys are easily accomplished using the Integrated Transport Network Layer, while pedestrian counts, environment surveys, river surveys, slope measurements and other physical or human fieldwork data can be added to the data table to create professional-looking maps.

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