Success with AEGIS - Basic Kit

Nine GIS lessons at KS3 and GCCE

Order directly from the Geographical Association

This kit consists of a Teacher’s Book and CD-ROM and accompanying Student text book.

    The nine lessons are:
  • Where should the wind farm be located?
  • Why are some National Parks busier than others?
  • How does a global company operate?
  • Are there urban disparities within the city of Lichfield?
  • What processes are affecting the Holderness coastline?
  • How does a river change from source to mouth?
  • What are the patterns of migration in Europe?
  • What is the global pattern of tectonic activity?
  • Is the Brandt Line still relevant when analysing global disparity?
    Each lesson has:
  • A lesson plan for teachers
  • An AEGIS file for students to use
  • Content background and step-by-step AEGIS guide in the Student text book
  • A student resource sheet for their answers
  • An answer sheet for teachers
  • Self assessment GIS skills table

Do I need the AEGIS program for these lessons?

There is a Light Edition of AEGIS – similar to the AEGIS Viewer – with the kit for installation on the school network.

For existing AEGIS users all the resources can be used with AEGIS version 2.0.