OS Mapping Subscription Service

The Advisory Unit can supply Ordnance Survey maps to all schools as the preferred OS educational supplier of the award-winning commercial company eMapsite.

Maps for all schools

Independent schools, State schools, academies and teacher training institutions can obtain OS maps on a competitively-priced annual subscription with up to 4 large-scale map extracts of areas in Britain ready to use in AEGIS.

The map scales on offer are:

OS 1:10 000 raster map OS1:10.000
OS 1:25 000 raster map OS1:25000
OS 1: 50 000 raster map 1:50.000
OS 1:1,250 (vector OS MasterMap) OS MM


Vector OS MasterMap with the AEGIS MasterMap module is an ideal combination for displaying accurate large-scale fieldwork maps, including land use mapping. The map is constructed in layers including polygons for buildings with a buildings data table ready to use with your own data.

How to order your schools' OS map subscription

Complete the order form and return it to the Advisory Unit. We will send you an invoice and the maps on disk as AEGIS files all ready to use with your own data.

OS mapping Subscription service order form